Woodstock, New Brunswick - April 25, 2007

Ibridge Wins Contract to Build Map Board Controller for Electrical Systems Operations Center

Ibridge announced today that they have been selected to build a new Map Board controller for the Electrical Systems Operations Center in New Jersey.  This system will present a real-time graphical depiction of the high voltage transmission grid to operators.  The board itself is over 14 feet high and 35 feet wide with over 5000 bulbs used to show lines in and out of service, generators in and out of service, transformers and breakers in and out of service, and transmission line overload conditions.

Field data collected in real-time from around the state is used to drive the Map Board, instantly notifying operators of abnormal conditions.  "This Map Board is the best I have ever seen in terms of the human factors engineering", stated Paul Dore, President of Ibridge.  "If you are standing in that control center and a transmission line trips, you will definitely take notice, no matter what your training or what you are currently doing.  The line will light up on the board and, depending on the line, that may be a string of lights from 2 to 20 feet long.  You cannot get the same effect with a video wall.  This truly is a Cadillac of Map Boards and we are proud to be selected as the company to build the controller."

The controller being supplied by Ibridge will utilize off-the-shelf hardware from National Instruments along with some custom panels and custom wiring manufactured by Ibridge. Integration of the Map Board controller with the field telemetry data is also being handled by Ibridge.

Ibridge also has supplied the audio annunciation system for the electrical operations center and the computer failure response system.  Ibridge has many years of experience in control room operations, hardware and software design, as well as real-time telemetry; making the company ideally suited to design, build and install these kinds of systems.

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