Woodstock, New Brunswick - August 2013

Advanced Facility Ratings Handling for Major US Transmission Owner

Today, Ibridge announces that the company has provided a facility for improved handling of Transmission Facility Ratings.  “Ratings are an extremely important aspect of Transmission Operations”, said Paul Dore, company President.  “Especially in areas of the country where there is congestion, the accuracy of transmission ratings in both real-time alarm processing and in the contingency analysis is a matter of both safety and economics.  If an operator has to relieve a contingency based on a thermal or voltage contingency, then the ratings used to derive that contingency better be accurate.”  Part of the project involved a daily comparison of the facility ratings used in the EMS with the ratings contained in the Independent System Operator (ISO) market based system database.

Ibridge has been involved in Energy Management Systems since our inception in 1995.  Today, the company continues to provide innovative engineering solutions to assist Transmission Personnel in the safe, efficient, reliable operations of the electric grid.  For more information on Ibridge, see us online at

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