Fredericton, NB - August 31, 1999

Ibridge Commissions Power Pool Operations Subsystem for American Utility.

Ibridge announces today that we have completed the commissioning of another custom software application for use in 24/7 dispatch operations. This time, it is software for the real-time dispatch of generation units based on control price signals from the ISO (Independent System Operator). The software developed by Ibridge provides all related functions of the generation dispatch including: economic setpoint determination, monitoring of operating constraints, unit regulation, NERC ticketing, inter-control center dispatch communications, combustion turbine control and unit event logging, to name a few.

Ibridge developed the PPOP (Power Pool OPerations) software under sub-contract to the Energy Management System Vendor, who provided the base platform on which PPOP executes and the overall project management. This marks a significant milestone for Ibridge and our customers. "This application is crucial to the economic operation of the utility company and it is an important component of the EMS vendor's overall product delivery", stated Paul Dore, company President. "Once again, Ibridge managed to develop the custom software our client's needed, and delivered it on-time."

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