Woodstock, New Brunswick - August 2013

Ibridge To Provide Engineering Expertise to Support Next Generation EMS Procurement

The company announced today that they have been selected to assist in the specification and procurement of a “Next-Generation” Energy Management System (EMS) for a Fortune 500 Utility.  This EMS will represent “state-of-the-art” for Transmission System Operators and Ibridge is proud to be supplying engineering expertise on this important project.

Due to the unique constraints of their Transmission Grid, the EMS advanced applications are used far more than most Transmission Operators.  For example, performing studies in support of pre-switching validation and in support of short-term outage planning has been a regular part of the day-to-day tasks at this utility for many years.  Going forward, they are looking for more advanced tools and capabilities within the EMS, keeping in mind these tools must be operator friendly and extremely robust.

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