Canary is an off-the-shelf solution for audible annunciation processing. Let Ibridge provide you with a turnkey solution for integrating remote, multichannel, professional quality, audio notification into your application.


  • Utilizes commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware
  • Provides capability to drive up to 8 independent output channels from one audio card
  • Simple command interface via IP communications
  • Can receive commands from multiple clients
  • Retains “state” information for each channel in the event of client failure
  • Communications protocol supported on Linux, Windows, Unix and OpenVMS platforms
  • Real-time response (annunciation will occur within 50 ms of time received
  • Can playback any sound, including human voice
  • Developed for use in Nuclear Plant Control Room Simulation where response and reliability concerns were paramount
  • Simple API for client integration (supported on Linux, UNIX, Windows, and OpenVMS)
  • Includes HAWC application for remote browsing of audio event logs for historical analysis
  • Complete control over sound playback
  • Uses standard .wav files or .mpeg files
  • Device can be used to provide annunciation to remote sites via Internet


  • Control Room Alarm & Event Annunciation
  • Simulation
  • Centralization of annunciation within a distributed system for the purpose of prioritization and alarm inhibit
  • Any situation where computer detected events or conditions must be annunciated to humans in rapid fashion.

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