Who we Are:

Ibridge is a 'boutique' Engineering Consulting Firm, providing highly specialized services to a select group of North American clients. In business since 1995, the company has extensive experience in advanced Real-Time Computer Control Systems.

Our consulting staff has held senior positions in organizations such as SNC Lavalin, GE, CAE Electronics and the Armed Forces.

What we Do:

Ibridge provides professional services in the areas of: management consulting, specification development, systems analysis, cyber security evaluations, technical assessments, custom software development, systems integration, impact analysis and engineering support services. Ibridge regards information technology as a tool to do the job, not as an end to itself. The company is project oriented and has been providing innovative customer-focused solutions for over 20 years.

Our background is in Energy Management Systems, real-time applications, communications protocols, graphical user interfaces, real-time databases, relational databases, and hardware/software redundancy. Ibridge understands the unique requirements of 24 x 7 operating environments.

Its All About Attitude:

Ibridge focuses on the needs of the client, not on the letter of our contractual engagement. Unexpected problems, or changes in the scope/requirements are a normal and expected part of any challenging project. Ibridge has the experience, flexibility and attitude to quickly react to these challenges and still bring about a successful outcome.

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. - John C. Maxwell