About Us

Ibridge Inc., a Systems Engineering and Information Technology (IT) firm, provides management consulting, cyber security evaluations, technical assessments, custom software development, systems integration, impact analysis and out sourcing services. Ibridge regards information technology as a tool to do the job, not as an end to itself. The company is project oriented and has been providing innovative customer-focused solutions for over fifteen years.

Ibridge is based in New Brunswick, Canada. Ibridge also maintains a satellite office in Newark, New Jersey. Business has focused on a very small list of clients who come back to Ibridge again and again for consistent quality, on-budget and on-time solutions.

The company has extensive experience in the areas of cyber security, real-time applications, communications protocols, graphical user interfaces, real-time databases, relational databases, and hardware/software redundancy. Ibridge specializes in those systems used in 24 x 7 environments.

Just some of the solutions we have provided in the past include:

  • Development of Processes, Procedures and Programs to meet NERC CIP security standards for protecting critical infrastructure.
  • Support Audits of NERC CIP compliance
  • Evaluation of large computer projects and report the results to senior management.
  • Develop customized solutions for Security Status Monitoring of control system elements
  • Customized tools for tracking security related events.
  • Provide Technical evaluation of Software design and development from the ground up.
  • Operational Data Modeling for New Application architectures
  • Application of existing Ibridge software in conjunction with customization or modification
  • Integration of third party software into existing legacy systems
  • Migration of legacy systems from one platform to another
  • Development of on-line help systems and/or operator training programs
  • Development of systems specifications for tendering process
  • Assist in the selection and procurement process for new acquisitions
  • Software Maintenance Procedures
  • Systems Analysis for detection of bottlenecks or failures (root cause analysis)
  • Software verification and validation procedures

Here is a list of just some of the systems Ibridge has developed over the past 15 years:

  • Computer Failure Response and Notification System for large scale distributed control system
  • Security Status Monitoring system in support of NERC CIP-007 R6.
  • Real-time applications and databases for a large U.S. based electric and gas utility.
  • Relational Databases and desktop clients for an Electric Utility.
  • XML based internet applications for distributed SCADA
  • Computer Failure Response and Notification systems for Control Centers
  • Instructor Interface applications for a large naval combat simulator.
  • Joint Year 2000 testing with electric and telecommunications companies.
  • Real-time data acquisition system design and development for various applications.
  • Conversion of databases and graphical diagrams between proprietary formats.
  • Conversion of software from VMS(tm) to UNIX platforms.
  • Conversion of 3-D terrain databases for aircraft simulation applications.
  • Date and Time propagation/synchronization among heterogeneous computer platforms.
  • Data Warehouse application for historical logging and tracking of Energy Exchange data.
  • Switching Management application for an Australian electric distribution company.
  • Power Pool Operations software and communications for large American Utility company.
  • Telephony applications for automated meter reading services.
  • Relational Database design for an automated meter reading system.
  • Architecture design for customer metering data warehouse.
  • Large Client / Server application for monitoring and managing environmental regulation compliance.
  • Communicating state data via Power Line Carrier communications (customer premises).
  • Embedded Systems maintenance for utility microprocessors.
  • Training for Computer Control Systems personnel and Control Room Operators.
  • Internet web site development.
  • Intranet site for distributing near real-time data from operations center to corporate users.
  • Transactional system for generation resources scheduling and accounting.
  • Architectural design of data warehouse for generations accounting and air emission data.
  • Design and implementation of a data collection and storage system for generation accounting.
  • Assistance with utility Communications Architecture/Data access Integration standards testing.
  • Office network configuration and setup for mid-size firms.
  • Upgrade of an engineering test and measurement system for measuring railway track geometry.
  • Analysis and problem resolution for an existing Hump Yard Computer Control system.
  • Upgrade of Hump Yard Process Control System for increased production capabilities.

Additional background knowledge and experience of company personnel:

  • Cyber Security standards compliance.
  • Computer system audits.
  • Military Research related to simulation of rotorcraft cockpit automation.
  • Software maintenance facility for ground based avionics software testing.
  • High Fidelity Flight simulators.
  • Energy Management Systems for high voltage transmission networks.
  • Hydro electric Power Plant computer control systems.
  • Nuclear power plant simulator interface modeling.
  • Custom device drivers for real-time simulation hardware.
  • Custom communications protocols for data acquisition applications.
  • Electrical Distribution Management Systems for various worldwide utilities.
  • Custom communications protocols for high-speed remote data access.
  • Remote Terminal Units for a distribution SCADA system.
  • Inter Control Center Communications Protocol implementation.

Its All About Attitude

By placing high expectations on our team members they are able to reach their full potential in terms of professional and technical excellence. The Ibridge professional has a genuine desire to ensure that a proper job is done, no matter how big or how small.