Real-time data transfer between control systems and the corporate desktop (RTT)

The Objective

Providing the right data, to the right person (or application) at the right time can give your firm a competitive advantage in today's fast moving marketplace.

The Problem

Most corporations have disjointed computer systems and applications that were developed for specific company functions (i.e. operations/manufacturing, customer support, maintenance, marketing, accounting). Historically, this development of independent (and vastly different) systems for performing specific functions was due in large part to technical limitations. Even today, there are different hardware/software architectures best suited for a particular function. The timely movement of data from one architecture to the other can be difficult and fraught with errors.

Despite these architectural differences however, there is no excuse (and little tolerance) for ill-informed employees, or ill-informed applications, within your organization. Without accurate and timely information, the wrong decision may be made or there may be a costly delay in the decision making process.

The Solution

RTT was developed by Ibridge to facilitate real-time information distribution from data acquisition and control systems to the corporate desktop where that data can be used for real-time analysis, marketing, planning, maintenance, process improvement and customer relations.

Making the information available to your employees is only half of the equation, managing that information is the other half. Information management includes tracking of changes, information security, and archival.


  • Designed to distribute real-time systems data to desktops.
  • Tunable parameters.
  • No special client software required.
  • Automatic time-stamping of received data.
  • Standard MicrosoftTM tools used for the desktop interfaces.
  • No software to install and no license fees for the desktop.
  • Users must log into the databridge and all data access is logged for later use.
  • Large numbers of users can be supported for very little cost.
  • Black Box (Plug and Play).
  • Completely scalable.

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