Woodstock, NB - February 9, 2004

Ibridge to Supply Computer Failure Response and Notification System (CFR).

Ibridge announces today that the company has been awarded a major contract to supply a Computer Failure Response and Notification System (CFR) for a distributed Energy Management System at one of the largest electric utilities in the United States.

This system will detect computer hardware and software failures and immediately deliver a response via personnel notification. This system is being built and delivered in part as a response to the summary findings of the joint Canadian / American committee studying the Blackout of August 14, 2003.

“Once again, we have been selected to develop a high profile, mission critical system for a major electric utility.” stated Paul Dore, company President. “Our clients continue to demonstrate confidence in our abilities to deliver key components and systems. This Computer Failure Response and Notification System will ensure that maintenance and operations personnel are automatically and immediately notified of any hardware or software component failure within the hundreds of components of this distributed control system. This system will be integrated with Ibridge’s Centralized Audio Notification System (CANary) for an integrated and well-planned solution for Computer Failure Response.”

Essential Features of the Computer Failure Response and Notification System:

1. “Two tiered” approach for external and internal monitoring

2. The CFR can be configured with different parameters (such as duration of failure before response is initiated) in order to ensure the CFR is fine-tuned to the unique environment of the utility’s operations.

3. It is possible to specify which callout list is associated with which failure type. For example:                                                                                                                                

- a hardware failure requires different personnel being called than a software failure

- failure of a data acquisition processor requires different response than failure of a workstation

- failure of multiple data acquisition processors requirs different response than failure of a single processor

- failure of a single control action requires different response than failure of multiple controls

4. The CFR will have the ability to automatically detect that a failure situation has been rectified

5. It is possible to easily “turn-off” CFR during normal system maintenance to avoid false or unnecessary callouts

The CFR will be integrated with the existing Centralized Audio Notification System (CANary) also developed by Ibridge. This is ESSENTIAL in order to ensure operations personnel are immediately notified of any computer system failure and also made aware of any callout which has been initiated on their behalf.

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