Woodstock, New Brunswick - January 14, 2014

Ibridge Wins Smart Grid Contract

Ibridge announced today that the company has won a contract to work on  Smart Grid Technology for a majoreast coast electric utility.  As part of the contract, Ibridge will evaluate software and hardware products, conduct laboratory and field test trials, ensure cyber security standards are properly met, and integrate Phasor Measurement data with Control Room systems.  “The initial goal is to bring Phasor data into the EMS environment to support real-time side-by-side comparison of Phasor data with the traditional SCADA data”, said Paul Dore, company President.  “This will allow EMS support personnel to validate the Phasor data being provided to outside entities as well as provide a new source for validating SCADA data used to support the State Estimator and Contingency Analysis applications”.

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