Woodstock, New Brunswick - January 2011

Change Management/Task Notification Solution for NERC CIP Compliance

Ibridge continues assisting our clients with Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) compliance, recently providing a solution for handling the issues of change management, record keeping and task notification.  Open source software was selected, to provide compatibility with existing Critical Cyber Assets (CCA).  Rather than exacerbating the issues of NERC CIP compliance (which adding a separate platform would do) the tool selected is part of the existing CCA environment.  Another distinct advantage is that access to the tool is available right on the CCA, making it more convenient for support personnel to use and consequently simplifying compliance with several sections of the standards.

Ibridge has been consulting on NERC CIP compliance solutions since 2008.  For more information, or contact us  at ( 506) 575-9102 or email cbirt (at)

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