Woodstock, NB - July 2000

Ibridge Migrates Internal Network to Linux

Ibridge announces today that we have successfully completed migration of our internal network infrastructure to RedHat Linux. "Due to recent advances in the Linux platform, it is now the obvious choice for small software development houses such as ours", stated Paul Dore, Company President. "The large number of open source tools and utilities which are available makes Linux the perfect platform to tie all of our equipment together in a cohesive fashion".

Ibridge maintains a large array of computer platforms due to the varied nature of project requirements. In addition to the Linux platforms, Ibridge has in house equipment running the Windows, OpenVMS, Compaq Unix and Solaris operating systems. All of Ibridge's internal file servers have been migrated to RedHat Linux, as well as all storage management, email services, firewalls, and dial-up portals.

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