Woodstock, New Brunswick - July 11, 2008

Ibridge Develops Dispatch Program for Texas Generating Plants

Ibridge announced today that the company has been selected to support the dispatch of two combined cycle generating stations operating under the ERCOT Regional Transmission Operator (RTO).

The scope of work involves interfacing with ERCOT via legacy serial communications and also over secure internet transmissions. The dispatch algorithm involves calculating proper set points for the generating stations based on Resource Plans, Balancing Energy Deployments, Regulation Signals and Out of Merit (OOM) notifications received from both ERCOT and the Utility’s Power Scheduling and Pricing package..

This project is an extension of the Ibridge generation dispatch suite (PPOP) which currently supports PJM RTO unit dispatch.

For more information contact Ibridge at (506) 575-9102 or email cbirt (At sign)


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