Woodstock, NB - July 16, 2004

Ibridge wins contract to supply Communication Processor Front-Ends to Gas Utility.

I am very pleased to announce that we have been selected to develop and supply a set of communication front-ends to one of our major clients.” announced Paul Dore, President of Ibridge “These front-ends will handle over 40 communication links for real-time telemetry data.  They will be doubly redundant, providing both Backup and an Emergency Back-up capability.”

Ibridge has been involved in data communications systems and protocols for both control systems and simulation applications.  The front-ends being supplied under the terms of this contract are based on commercially available, off the shelf computer hardware.  This platform was selected in order to provide the client with the following advantages:

- to ensure widespread availability of parts and components for the long-term

- to ensure ease of use for current (and future) maintenance staff

- to readily accommodate future extensibility of the protocol

- to support future switch to internet based protocols

- to provide a “low cost”, “low-maintenance” solution

- to ensure that additional protocols can be integrated “side by side” with old protocols

The company’s expertise, and ability to deliver a solution in a timely fashion, for a fixed price, were cited as key factors in the contract award.  Let Ibridge help you find the right solution at the right price. Contact us today.

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