Woodstock, NB - July 19, 2004

Ibridge Commissions Automatic Generation Control Program Dispatching over 5,000MWs of Installed Capacity

Today, Ibridge completed online commissioning of an automated generation control program responsible for dispatching a group of fossil fired power plants with installed generating capacity totalling over 5,000MWs.

This project represents a unique approach to generation control in that, for the first time at this utility, the real-time control system has access to the Electricity Market data via an XML interface.

Paul Dore, President of Ibridge, was directly involved in the software development, test and commission. He states, “Although the utility dispatcher still has final say on all real-time control parameters.... now, for the first time, he can see the [Electricity] Market parameters directly on his control screens. When unforeseen events cause the current control system parameters to differ from planned market conditions, the dispatcher is immediately notified on his control screen. This helps the dispatcher to follow the market conditions as closely as possible.”

Ibridge is a privately held software engineering company based in Woodstock, New Brunswick. The company has been involved in computer control systems for the Electric Utility, Gas Utility, Railway and Aerospace industries since its inception in 1995.

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