Woodstock, NB - July 25, 2002

Canary System Sold to American Utility.

Ibridge announces today that the company has recently sold our Canary System for use in the dispatch operations center of a large power utility.

The Canary software will be fully integrated with the utility's control system, providing real-time audio annunciation on four independent channels, with the option to expand to 8 channels. Canary is completely customer configurable, allowing the user to specify any sound (standard .wav files) be played in response to any event or group of events. Both the sound to be played and the volume level can be easily configured. Sound duration is also user configurable and can be for a specific period of time or until such time as the alarm is acknowledged by an operator.

"This contract establishes Canary as an available off-the-shelf solution for clients who need a standalone, LAN based server for providing audio annunciation capabilities. It will be integrated in record time due to the multi-platform support of the underlying command/control protocol." stated Ramtin Pourmand, Engineering Manager for Ibridge Inc.

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