Woodstock, NB - July 4, 2000

Ibridge Delivers Online Help System for Humpyard Operations Planning Tool

Ibridge announces today that an online help system has been developed and commissioned for Humpyard Operations Planning. The hump planning tool was originally developed in-house by railway programming staff but lacked proper documentation. Ibridge developed the content for the operator help and integrated it, using third party tools, into the Yard Planner.

In addition, Ibridge corrected some of the software deficiencies within the application and developed formal software documentation for the existing code. In a statement from Mr. Ramtin Pourmand, "With a little help from Ibridge, the client now has a piece of software that they can fully maintain and support for many years to come".

Ibridge has been assisting clients with documentation and bug fixes for their legacy applications for many years. To get more information on how Ibridge can assist your organization in getting the most out of your investments, contact Carol Birt at the address below.

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