Fredericton, NB - March 10, 1999

Completion of Oracle Parallel Server Migration from OpenVMS to UNIX TruclusterTM

Ibridge announces today that once again, we have helped one of our clients to leverage their existing IT investments as opposed to abandoning them. In this case, a large Oracle database, previously executing on an OpenVMS cluster with Parallel Server, was migrated to Compaq Unix. This database contains the Generation Energy Cost Scheduling (GECS) database for a large East Coast Electric Utility.

"The GECS database is crucial to the company's operations and the migration had to be performed with minimal interruptions to operations. Thanks to Oracle Parallel server and the run-time software developed by Ibridge, the projected availability of the system is over 99.97%". GECS is tightly integrated with several facets of the company operations, including direct integration with the generation dispatch software (also developed by Ibridge).

Ibridge has many years of experience in migrating legacy applications to new platforms. Migration is the best business decision in many circumstances but is often overlooked by eager IT staffers.

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