Woodstock, NB - May 30, 2001

Ibridge Announces Release of Web Based Online Document Organizer Software.

"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it"

Samuel Johnson 1709-84

Ibridge announces today the release of ODO, a web based Online Document Organizer software solution. ODO provides a company's employees with access to the organization's knowledge assets from any location. These assets may include documents, forms, templates and images.

ODO grew out of Ibridge's own need to supply engineering field personnel with access to the company's large technical library. "ODO allows me to easily search the entire set of documents from any location", said company president Paul Dore. "It is a great leap forward in terms of providing secure and timely access to the knowledge database. No longer do I need to call in to the main office and ask for someone else to look for a specific document for me. I just access the Internet, login to the ODO system and search the knowledge database myself."

When in the field, employees need only a web browser and access to the Internet. Back in the office, they simply access the ODO site over the company Intranet. Documents can be viewed online or they can be downloaded to the user's local PC. ODO consists of three modules; the ODO Browser, ODO Server and ODO Librarian. The Librarian module is JavaTM based and provides complete control over all aspects of the knowledge database from a central location.

ODO also provides a comprehensive suite of security controls, allowing you to decide which user sees which items in the database. Access to the knowledge database is strictly controlled based on user privileges and the document settings. ODO gives you the capability to provide your employees, customers or suppliers with instant Web access to any document you choose.

ODO is being marketed to organizations that are looking for a low cost, reliable solution to their knowledge management problems.

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