NERC CIP Services


Does your organization’s documented programs, processes, and procedures meet NERC CIP standards?

  • Is your organization “going overboard” in certain areas while not doing enough in others?
  • Are personnel actually following your policies and procedures?
  • Is your NERC CIP training program adequate?
  • Is your change Management and configuration control in line with NERC CIP-003 R6 and with industry best procedures?
  • Do your test procedures and test environments meet CIP-007?
  • Are your Baselines sufficient for CIP-010?
  • Do you have auditable results?

Ibridge can provide services to assist you as you navigate through the NERC CIP regulations. A Comprehensive NERC CIP Health Check performed by Ibridge will help you evaluate your current security status.  You can leverage this evaluation within your organization to achieve compliance with the standards in an effective manner and more importantly, help improve your organization’s cyber security posture.

CIP-007 in particular is often misunderstood and misinterpreted.  Ibridge consultants can break-down the standard in detailed technical fashion to assist your personnel in the daunting task of meeting the standard.

Ibridge has the experience and know-how to help you meet the regulations while not re-inventing what you currently do.   The best way to achieve on-going compliance is to make minimal changes to existing policies and procedures (to initially meet compliance), and then plan a series of improvements to strengthen your posture. We will work with your staff to come up with the approach that is right for your business.