Woodstock, New Brunswick -

Ibridge delivers Canary System to Trading Floor

Ibridge announced today that the company has delivered a system for audio annunciation to a large trading organization.  This system, referred to as “Canary”, provides audio cues to Electricity and Gas Traders along with Generation Dispatchers.  The Canary system has up to 4 independent channels and provides “spoken word” messages for real-time events.  For example, when a generation asset trips, all personnel on the trading floor are alerted with the name of the actual asset that tripped.

“Rapid, accurate dissemination of real-time events to the people who need to react to those events is critical in this environment”, says Paul Dore, President of Ibridge.  “With so much visual information in front of them; both on their screens and on the video walls, a clearly spoken audio message gets everyone’s attention no matter what they happen to be looking at.

Different human voices are used for messages on different audio channels.  In this way, if alerts are spoken simultaneously, they are distinguishable by the human ear.  However, the audio cues are best used sparingly to avoid over bombarding personnel to the point where they may “tune-out” the alerts.

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