Woodstock, New Brunswick - October 2012

Ibridge Develops NERC CIP Policies and Procedures for Substation Relays

Ibridge has been selected to assist in the development of NERC CIP policies and procedures to permit connecting digital relays at critical locations.  The substation equipment has been moving away from electro-mechanical relays to digital relays.  To take advantage of all the functions that these new generation relays can provide (such as Phasor measurements), the relay must be connected to the network.  Of course, connecting to the network is not possible unless there is full compliance with NERC CIP.

Ibridge is working closely with utility engineers, equipment vendors and legal staff to ensure the relays are properly protected, while at the same time allowing the organization to function in an efficient manner.  Paul Dore, company President, stated “NERC CIP compliance never comes easy to any organization, but there are ways to minimize the pain. It is Ibridge’s job to develop the best policy for the organization already in place”. 

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