Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Ibridge do?

We assist clients in solving problems. These problems may be associated with changing business requirements, operational constraints, regulatory issues, or vendor support issues.

How do you help your clients?

The assistance we provide is varied and depends on the nature of the problem. Just some of the ways we have assisted clients in the past include: Business Requirements Analysis, Specification Development, Vendor Selection, Design and Development, System Support, Legacy Transitions, Regulatory Compliance Procedures, Test Plan Development, Equipment Selection and Integration, Requirements Validation, Data / Process definition, Engineering Algorithms . . . and the list goes on.

What size of project does Ibridge typically handle?

We have taken on engagements anywhere from a few days of managerial consulting to multi-year, project engineering assignments.

Does Ibridge come on-site?

Most of our engagements are complex and require our consultants to be on-site for at least part of the project. We are available for clients in the Northeastern US and Canada.

What is a 'boutique' consulting firm and why would I hire one?

Typically, a boutique consulting firm refers to a company that is not one of the major players. Boutiques tend to be specialized in certain industries or in specific aspects of consulting. While the major firms have experienced and qualified personnel on staff, these senior resources often show up for the client 'honeymoon' phase and then disappear; leaving junior personnel to implement the project. With Ibridge, the experienced resources handle your project directly.

Can I afford to hire Ibridge for my project?

Ibridge is a team of highly experienced, senior professionals, but you will find our rates reasonable, usually lower than the big firms. In addition, you will find that we provide better quality resources, better customer service and greater accountability than what is provided by the big firms.

Can I get detailed project and/or client lists?

Due to confidentiality agreements with our clients, we do not put detailed information regarding our clients/projects on the world wide web. However, we would be happy to discuss some of the interesting ways in which we have helped our clients in the past. Contact us via email, providing some information on who you are and the nature of your problem; and someone will get back to you.

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