Woodstock, New Brunswick - September 26, 2008

Load Control for 1200 MW Hydroelectric Plant

Ibridge announced today that the company has been awarded a contract to study the Joint Load Control and Joint Efficiency Control process at a large hydro electric plant in northern Canada.

Ibridge will conduct a technical, line and wire analysis of the control algorithms and report on the base control procedures, the error conditions (hardware and software level), along with the corrective actions that are currently being implemented. Typically, it is the error handling which accounts for 90% of the logic in most advanced control algorithms and this plant is no exception. Mr. Julian Berdych, senior Ibridge consultant with 25 years experience in real-time control systems, will be handling the project.

Many companies have a large investment in their legacy control systems and replacement costs are often underestimated or unsuccessful due to a lack of understanding of the details. Ibridge has the experience and the know-how to get the most out of the legacy system and how to perform a proper replacement. If you would like more information about Ibridge and how we can help you with your legacy system, call us at (506) 575-9102.

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