Woodstock, New Brunswick - September 2012

Transmission System Mimic Board - Engineering Updates

Ibridge announced today that the company is updating the Transmission System Mimic Board used bycontrol room operations staff.  High Voltage Transmission System construction projects are being reflected on the mimic board to keep it relevant to the field assets.  This is a traditional Mimic Board, with LED lights (sometimes strings of LEDs over 20 ft long)  being used to depict status information.  Unlike video walls, which are often only nice show pieces but not useful for operations personnel, the Mimic Board depicts information in a much more “attention-getting” style than is possible solely thru the use of color.  In addition to providing a large scale schematic of the Transmission System, the Mimic Board provides operators with a room size “Abnormal Summary Display”, allowing personnel to quickly spot abnormal conditions throughout the Bulk Electric System.

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