Ibridge provides our clients with proven consulting expertise in areas such as Project Engineering, System Analysis, Requirements Definition, System Specification, System Design, Regulatory Compliance and System Support. Our background is in Energy Management Systems, Generation Management Systems, and Distributed Real-Time Control Systems. Ibridge assists our clients in dealing with the complex issues associated with 24 x 7 operating environments and with the reliability/regulatory constraints that apply to these systems.

Ibridge Services:  The Right Approach

Systems Analysis: Ibridge has the experienced staff to help you get the most out of your assets.


NERC CIP Evaluation: A Comprehensive NERC CIP Evaluation performed by Ibridge will help you evaluate your current security status.


Custom Software Development:  Ibridge specializes in custom software solutions. Our clients know they can count on us to develop and implement a custom application that will provide them with the right tool for the job.


Technical Writing:   The best technical writers will make even a complex application seem simplistic to the user, while a bad technical writer will make the most simplistic application appear complex.


Training:  Ibridge can develop training programs for your maintenance and/or operations personnel.


Legacy System Support:  Ibridge can support your legacy control system.