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Custom Solutions

Ibridge specializes in cost-effective, custom solutions for mission-critical applications. Whether you need help upgrading your legacy system, specifying a system replacement, developing new applications from scratch, or extending the life span of your existing system; Ibridge can help. You know that when the requirements change or expand, most solution providers as a rule recommend throwing away the old software and bringing in something new. At Ibridge, we will recommend totally new solution only if it is really required. More often than not we have helped clients leverage their existing investments to achieve the new functional requirements with minimal risk to ongoing operations (and with minimal capital outlay). The right solution should not be about what's best for the software supplier, it's really about what's best for the client. Call us today for a consultation.

Just some of the solutions we have provided include:

  • - Software design and development from the ground up
  • - Operational Data Modeling for new application architectures
  • - Application of existing Ibridge software in conjunction with customization or modification
  • - Integration of third party software into existing legacy systems
  • - Migration of legacy systems from one platform to another
  • - Development of on-line help systems and/or operator training programs
  • - Development of systems specifications for tendering process
  • - Assist in the selection and procurement process for new acquisitions
  • - Software maintenance procedures
  • - Systems analysis for detection of bottleneck or failures (root cause analysis)
  • - Software verification and validation procedures

Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Although we specialize in customized solutions for our clients, we also have off-the-shelf software which can be readily integrated as part of the soution. By utilizing pre-existing software libraries and toolkits, we can, in many cases, dramatically reduce the time and risk associated with the project. See a complete list of our off-the-shelf software packages here.

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