Canary - Ibridge offers an off-the-shelf solution for audible annunciation processing. A turnkey solution for integrating remote, multichannel professional quality, audio notification into your application.

Network Resource Monitoring (Buzzard) - Reliable, distributed service for resource state monitoring in mixed operating systems environments. Your maintenance personnel will be automatically be notified whenever a control system failure occurs.

Integrated Even Logging for Disparate Applications - Dissemination of event logging data from “Sources” to “Sinks”.

Real-time Data Transfer (RTT) - Providing the right data, to the right person (or application) at the right time can give your firm a competitive advantage in today's fast moving marketplace.

Legacy System Migration - We helped our customers to leverage the millions of dollars in software development and commissioning costs that were put into their existing applications over several years.

Generic Point-to-Point Communication - GPPC provides application developers with a consistent, fast, simple and effective means for process to process communication across different operating systems platforms.

Time Synchronization - Host Time Synchronization (HTS) is a Network Application designed to monitor your system for time variations among nodes and correct them. From now on, when you examine historical logs, you know the time references is accurate within a fraction of a second.

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