Just some of the projects we have been involved with include:

  • Design and Development of a Generation Energy Cost Scheduling System (GECS).
  • XML Interfaces with the Independent System Operator (ISO) dispatch system
  • Computer Failure Response and Notification system for alerting personnel of control system failure
  • Real-time data acquisition system design and development for various applications.
  • Conversion of software from VMS to Unix platforms.
  • Date and Time propagation/synchronization among heterogeneous computer platforms.
  • Data Warehouse application for historical logging and tracking of Energy Exchange data.
  • Algorithms for hydraulic efficiency Switching Management application for an Australian electric distribution company.
  • Power Pool Operations dispatch and communications software.
  • Telephony applications for automated meter reading services.
  • Relational Database design for an automated meter reading system.
  • Architecture design for customer metering data warehouse.
  • Oracle based Client/Server application for monitoring and managing environmental regulation compliance.
  • System for communicating state data via Power Line Carrier communications (customer premises).
  • Embedded Systems maintenance for utility microprocessors.
  • Training for Computer Control systems personnel and Control Room Operators.
  • Intranet site for distributing near real-time data from operations center to corporate users.
  • Transactional system for generation resources scheduling and accounting.
  • Architectural design of data warehouse for generations accounting and air emission data.
  • Design and implementation of a data collection and storage system for generation accounting.
  • Assistance with utility Communications Architecture/Data access.
  • Integration standards testing.
  • Combustion Turbine logging software MWHR accounting “best selection” system real-time alarm replication to corporate desktop.
  • . . . and the list goes on.

Unlike most consulting firms, Ibridge is pleased to provide fixed price quotations.  Also, unlike many other firms, the client utility normally has full access rights to all software developed. Ibridge will train your staff to be self-reliant in the use and maintenance of any software provided.